You just can’t escape the truth blaming on others. If you are hurt, It’s your fault. dark_anki Continue reading Hurt

The Moon

A long before, when I was child, when every one of us have our own fantasies, and imagination of our own world. I had this feeling that I resemble the wolf. I adore them. Maybe I am the lone wolf, who survived 20 years of life. I was always curious about that why the wolves … Continue reading The Moon


कि कहूं अगर चांद से भी, कि दो लफ्ज़ लिखे तारीफ में तेरी, मानो मेरी, रह जाएगा वो कागज खाली, क्यूंकि लफ्जो में तेरा बयां है ही नहीं। dark_anki Continue reading काग़ज़


In the last week, on the Thursday morning. When my roommate, pangi (that’s what we call him.) woke me up at 9 am. “We already missed a class, wake up!” He said. I was sweating, the first words came out from my mouth “Fuck! It was just a dream”. I felt relieved. I did forget … Continue reading Escape


ए वक़्त रुक जा कुछ ओर वक़्त के लिए, अभी तो हमने जीना सीखा है। कह सके सीना तान! कि हमने भी, ज़माने को करीब से देखा है। dark_anki Continue reading वक़्त