Nirmand, Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Hey all! Happy new year to all of you.Recently I have been to Nirmand, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.So beautiful place it is, I couldn’t control myself and just shot some landscapes and now can’t decide which one to post so sharing,“The Nirmand series”Will tell you short tales I have heard back in the place.So basically Nirmund’s … Continue reading Nirmand, Kullu Himachal Pradesh

My Thoughts

In our childhood, we had a lot of time to think, rethink or Ignore! But nothing makes sense back then. In our adulthood when things begin to make sense, now we don’t have time! In childhood, we were happy in our own self and as we grew up, we came to believe we will be … Continue reading My Thoughts

Sainj valley 3/3

The last one of the series! Hope you did like these. Again this one from is Sainj valley. He is the priest of this beautiful temple behind. He saw us all and came to talk. “Where are you from?” He asked. “Namastey Uncle Ji!” Our guide replied. “These are students of NIT Hamirpur” He added. … Continue reading Sainj valley 3/3

Sainj Valley 2/3

Sainj valley trek So similar to previous one! I clicked this one on my way back from sainj valley. We took a break and sat for a while. There was this lady sitting with a smile child, his grandson. With the look on his face and the glasses, I think he lives in city and … Continue reading Sainj Valley 2/3

Sainj valley 1/3

Sainj Valley trek When we were coming back, from our trek in Sainj valley, there was a small house where our lunch was arranged. Along with its side, natural drainage and water are flowing through the mountains. It was beautiful. After eating my lunch, I was Sainj valley 2/3staring at the water, It’s sound was … Continue reading Sainj valley 1/3

जिंदगी साइकल सी!

जिंदगी ये साइकल सी, चलते रहना, संभले रहना! कोई अपना मिलेगा, तो कोई अजनबी! मुस्करा कर सिर हिला देना, चलते रहना! सपनो के काले बादल, हैं भागे जा रहे, छोड़ हमे आगे आगे, तू पीछा करते रहना! कभी ठोकर खाए, तो कभी डगमगाए, पर तू न डरना! चलते रहना, पीछे मुड़ ना देखना! बिखर जाएं … Continue reading जिंदगी साइकल सी!