The Touch

“I am coming in the morning”. She said. “It’s early, I can’t come; you know, I can’t wake up such early.” I said. “You haven’t to. I know about you. You should sleep.” She said. He felt her sadness through words. In morning 6:41 am He woke; called her: “Where are you?” He said in … Continue reading The Touch


There were days when we write the birthday dates of our special one, on the last pages of our dairy. Nowadays facebook is the reminder of someone’s birthday. And some come to know it’s birthday when they notice the post, posted by people wishing you “Happy B’day: God bless you” May God bless you too … Continue reading Curiosity

The Music

Whenever I see this pic. It reminds me of an emotion. What it feels like when you lose everyone, you once knew and now you are alone. To start again. Waiting for someone to come and fill the gap. Or decide to live with solitary. No one knows about their own fate. I was going … Continue reading The Music

Be weird.

What is this dude! Why are you acting so weird? Don’t do such stupid things. Are you crazy? All these were coming into my mind when I saw that glowing box, red and green color wires were holding that bulb. I was curious to see inside. And when I decided to see, all those questions … Continue reading Be weird.

At the moment

When I was there. I did forget everything. At that moment the most important thing was the moment. I couldn’t think of anything else, maybe I didn’t want to, maybe I was whole. Even I was missing one thing, that one person should be here with me. Except this nothing at all to regret, to … Continue reading At the moment


Sometimes life seems like a photograph. Everything merely changes. It’s feel like you are stuck. Everything is still. It feels like an illusion of moving/changing but in reality it’s just still. Repeating itself again and again. As it said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the different result. But sometime we … Continue reading Photograph