Chapter 1 I Cheated! (Before you start reading, “BOY” and ‘Girl’) “Can we talk?” ‘What do you want now?’ “Just want to talk, for me, for us! Did you forget all the moments we had? ” ‘No I haven’t forgotten anything!’ “So why not let us give a chance! ” ‘It’s not going to work … Continue reading Naked

Something New

Hello everyone, How you all are doing? If you wanna ask me? I am just fine. A little bit bored nowadays. So here I am telling about you something I did and I hope you gonna enjoy. Well this blog of mine have a lot of different things in it. And in this mess I … Continue reading Something New

Shattered Ends

Till today I remember that day, I went to my Aunt’s (father’s sister) home. Construction work was in progress. And these two people were there filling the base of the structure. He is such an old guy, still working for his family. It’s good to do some work instead of sitting in home and listening … Continue reading Shattered Ends

वो आएगा

मैं खोज मैं निकला था एक कहानी के, घूमते घूमते कश्मीर की वादियों मैं आ पहुंचा, कश्मीर की खूबसूरती बयान करना मेरी कलम के, बस मैं नहीं, आने से पहले डर भी रहा था, कश्मीर के बारे मे जानकर, पर मैं उस जगह से काफी दूर था, शांतिप्रिय और अतिसुन्दर जगह है ये, यहां हर … Continue reading वो आएगा