The Hole

I was observing him, he was too quick. He came out when it was all normal for him and finding any indication or sign  of harm, he ran back quickly to his home. He felt safe back there in that hole. Again came outside and then again back to the hole. This was his continuous … Continue reading The Hole

The survivor

He is hundred above, still, he works for his lands, he walks to his farms, and do whatever possible. He had seen the ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ in his time. He ran back home from Lahore, during the partition of India and Pakistan, through the jungle, hiding, and survived that men slaughter. “That time I came to … Continue reading The survivor


In the boiling hot day, when we don’t even think to came out of room, and the hotness cook our mind and our nose start to whistle like cooker, and even sometimes we feel sick due to this scorching day, these guys who came from Bihar, leaving their family back, to find out work, so … Continue reading Survival