The Watch

26 july 2018, 7 pm I was at my brother’s hostel. He had asked me to come. We were in his room. “The parcel, the watch, it came.” He said. I took it, put it on my hand. “I will buy this one for myself too.” I told myself. Well..! One and half weeks ago, … Continue reading The Watch

Who The Hell?

A few weeks ago, I visited to my senior’s room; which was allotted to him a few days earlier. I met his new roomies. They all are of the same class. He introduced me with his roomies. And he told that this one is Ex-CR. He also told him that (pointing toward me.) He is … Continue reading Who The Hell?

So Stop!

Right now I am writing, not because I have something to tell you. Or my new imagination or something else. I am writing because I need to clear my mind. But what should I write? I don’t know. Words come out on its own when I start to write. That’s why I started this way. … Continue reading So Stop!

The Touch

“I am coming in the morning”. She said. “It’s early, I can’t come; you know, I can’t wake up such early.” I said. “You haven’t to. I know about you. You should sleep.” She said. He felt her sadness through words. In morning 6:41 am He woke; called her: “Where are you?” He said in … Continue reading The Touch