Who am I?

Who am I? A question I ask myself every night. And left unanswered and hope rise that I will find the answer next day. And the next night again I ask myself and again I tell myself to have patience. That a day will come when I come to know who I am! Am I … Continue reading Who am I?

Your weapon!

In the previous post, we talk about that we can’t outrun the fight and we don’t want to. So did you ever think what is it that makes you don’t want to fight? Why you try to outrun? Why people give up already? Let me tell you. Ever seen a fight scene in the movie. … Continue reading Your weapon!

Fight For!

Yes, we all. I am including you too. We all are fighting here, no matter that either cause of the fight is low or higher. We are fighting to survive, Fighting for own existence, Fighting for respect, Fighting for love, Fighting for loved ones, Fighting for own pride, Fighting to prove our worth, Fighting for … Continue reading Fight For!


एक बार एक नदी थी, बहुत चंचल और शांत थी, कभी इस तो कभी उस किनारे पे झूलती थी, किनारा उसे कुछ भी सुना देता था, तो वो कुछ समेटे और कुछ बखेरते निकल लेती थी, बूंदों को उसकी ये बात अच्छी न लगती थी, और बूंदों मैं नदी की जान बसती थी,  एक समय … Continue reading “आत्मसम्मान”