I don’t have much to say today. But what I can say is All I am is the dust and man of mistakes. All the things that I believe for myself. Nothing is true!After a very long time when I started to believe that now I am a changed person. And my real best friend, … Continue reading Choices!


I was talking to my friends from my school, as I am an alumnus of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Bilaspur. I lived a hostel life for 7 years. I was missing the old good moments however I remember I left that school with a smile on my face.So we were talking on this WhatsApp group of … Continue reading Grounded!

The End Itself.

Often people ask me, How can you write this much? Some said I always enjoy your writing! And You are maturing in writing. Sometimes people use to tell me my mistakes. Most of them don’t even care what I have written. They don’t worry about themselves by reading my caption or clicking on the link … Continue reading The End Itself.

नव उदय

​यूँ देखता हूँ पीछे, मुड़ के  जिंदगी भी अपनी क्या थी, माना थी दर्द भरी, पर खूबसूरत रही, माना यूँ पानी की कमी रही, पर जुबाँ न कभी सूखी थी, माना बातें रह गयी कुछ अधूरी, पर पूरी कहने वालों से कहाँ नूरी मिली, माना आंखें मेरी बहुत बही, पर इस दिल की किसने सुनी, … Continue reading नव उदय

The shoe

‘Romile’, He was nomad. He had have travel a lot of places. When he came back again to this place, he saw the shoe, and smiled, and suddenly it convert to cold fake smile. On asking, what  special about the shoe, he start narrating the story. Ten years ago, I was here. It was such … Continue reading The shoe