It Matters!

Well, have you ever been to a park or trek! If you have, you know how much peaceful is it. It sucks all the negativity from you and makes you who you really are. A beautiful person. No matter what you are going through It will make you calm down. Boost you! You will be … Continue reading It Matters!

Shattered Ends

Till today I remember that day, I went to my Aunt’s (father’s sister) home. Construction work was in progress. And these two people were there filling the base of the structure. He is such an old guy, still working for his family. It’s good to do some work instead of sitting in home and listening … Continue reading Shattered Ends

Be With Me

No I don’t, I don’t love you, In this materialistic world, Of yours. Yeah I do, I love you, In the aesthetic world, Made by me. For You and Me. I wanna love you, But l can’t afford. I wanna tell you, But afraid that, you will board and left, Me, In that long train, … Continue reading Be With Me

मेरी पहचान

दर्द से अपने, जो मिलने बैठा, होठों पे मुस्कान, आँखों मे पानी कैसा, कब से था मैं भाग रहा, आज रास्ता रोके वो सामने खड़ा, वो यादें, बातें, बीता जमाना, कहा था उनसे याद न आना, वक़्त ने लिया था, सब छीन, जी रहा था, मैं भावनाहीन, आज रोने का मन हो आया, जो आए … Continue reading मेरी पहचान