Life is like a river and the ultimate end is to reach the sea and stay there in peace. Sometimes you get evaporated on the way to the sea and sometimes from the sea itself. And then go high, from clouds to back again to a new journey either soaked or flow in the river … Continue reading River

Unreliable Life

In this unreliable life, where you don’t even have a fragments for what is coming next? Death is something that is unquestionable. It’s coming for all of us, but before your soul leave this body, you should ask yourself was it worthy? The mannequin where your soul was cdark_ankiaged. If right now, I give you … Continue reading Unreliable Life

Mountain Fever

In the lap of mountains, there is peace alike death, you will forget who you are? Where you belongs to? There is just one thing that is silence. 🖤 And when I went there for very first time, one thing comes to mind what I was doing in all those years? dark_anki Me on: Instagram, … Continue reading Mountain Fever