I was tired of repeatedly hurting from my hopes. And then I gave up on expecting anything from anyone. dark_anki Continue reading Expectations


किसी ने कहा था कि, उडता हुआ पंछी है तू, पिंजरे में न बंध पाएगा। किसी ने कहा था कि, नदी के नीर सा है तू, किसी किनारे पे न रुक पाएगा। आज उस किसी से, कहना चाहता हूँ, मैं कि, मुझे मेरा नीला गगन मिल गया, उस मे, मुझे मेरा विशाल समंदर मिल गया, … Continue reading खामोश!

Moments 🖤

Whenever I see back in my life, all I see is how much I lose, for what? Nothing and although knowing this, still I am going on the same path, because this is life. Either walk or crawl you have to move forward with time. Anothervise all you will have is burden of regret and … Continue reading Moments 🖤