What do you feel!

What should I say? I don’t know! All the thoughts come so fastly, rushing to my mind. This pain which I buried deep inside always trying to break that door. And a load of regrets I carry on back. Every morning should be a new day, a new story. Life is like a plain paper, … Continue reading What do you feel!

Someone !

A few months back I saw a quote,She is not someone’s sister;She is not someone’s mother;She is not someone’s wife;“She is someone..!” And this touches my heart somewhere deeply. And today It came above scratching the layers below which it was fighting to come above continuously. It was waiting for a perfect portrait. Here I … Continue reading Someone !

Moments 🖤

Whenever I see back in my life, all I see is how much I lose, for what? Nothing and although knowing this, still I am going on the same path, because this is life. Either walk or crawl you have to move forward with time. Anothervise all you will have is burden of regret and … Continue reading Moments 🖤


You will never realize, you are losinng someone, it’s very slow process, hours changes to days, days changes to months, and months changes to year. And he never came back. Then you feel that you had lost him. Earlier it was “this person, he is my life, he is my inspiration, he took my hand … Continue reading Lose