dark anki: I am feeling lonely most of the times. She: Aww dark anki: What do you do? When you feel like this. She: Good question dark anki: Nice answer (Both laughs) She: I go silent dark anki: Me too She: It’s a useless piece of advice but I do this. dark anki: It’s not … Continue reading Lonely


Chapter 3 Naked ! {If you haven’t read,”Chapter 1” and Chapter 2} ‘Are you talking to me’ “Uh! Yeah” ‘I am sorry, I am busy right now, Is it really important!’ “Can I walk with you till the hostel” ‘Uh! Okay tell’ “Yeah! I saw you today at the department” ‘Yeah, I have some work … Continue reading Naked


Life is like a river and the ultimate end is to reach the sea and stay there in peace. Sometimes you get evaporated on the way to the sea and sometimes from the sea itself. And then go high, from clouds to back again to a new journey either soaked or flow in the river … Continue reading River


Believe in your dreams! I heard this a lot of times. But you ever think what it really means. But before it there comes a point, have a dream. Dream big. Who doesn’t have a dream? Everyone does! Yeah everyone has in the beginning and we love to live in our dreamland, where everything is … Continue reading Achiever

Plain smile

And slowly my interest in portraits rise. Faces started to seems important to me. Ever stare at a face, faking the smile. It’s literally hard for me to hold that smile. It comes for a second with all the other memories and starts to weigh on my lips, which they couldn’t hold. A face mix … Continue reading Plain smile


Most of the time I try to understand, why and what? I try to find ways to forgive the next person no matter how much he has hurt. And I hope it wouldn’t happen again. Expectation always hurts. And thus I expect rarely, usually, I don’t expect anything but still among the love ones you … Continue reading Insight