Sainj valley 3/3

The last one of the series! Hope you did like these. Again this one from is Sainj valley. He is the priest of this beautiful temple behind. He saw us all and came to talk. “Where are you from?” He asked. “Namastey Uncle Ji!” Our guide replied. “These are students of NIT Hamirpur” He added. … Continue reading Sainj valley 3/3

The Hole

I was observing him, he was too quick. He came out when it was all normal for him and finding any indication or sign  of harm, he ran back quickly to his home. He felt safe back there in that hole. Again came outside and then again back to the hole. This was his continuous … Continue reading The Hole

Last Leaf

​There it is, my last leaf, On which my life lead, Which meant to be my hope, So I could fight whole globe, Cost for this, I had paid, But it was already dead, Slowly, steady me too, lying, On the bed of relief, dying, Neither more, bearing this pain, Nor explaination for being bane, … Continue reading Last Leaf

सुबह के इंतेज़ार में

पग-पग बढ़ता मैं, सुबह के इंतेज़ार में, धूप की आशा छोड़, किरणों की आस में। दरख्तों से सुनते, पत्थर पे घिसते, लहर जैसे बह रहा हुँ मैं। हर मोड़ एहसास दिलाते, माँ की बातें, हवा के संग चल रहा हुँ मैं। एक सुकून की आस में, सुबह के इंतेजार में। बंधी है बेड़ियां, अंधेरा हर … Continue reading सुबह के इंतेज़ार में