Hope your Holi did bring you the colours of happiness and joy in your life. If you ask about my Holi, I woke up at 12 noon. Last night I slept at 3 am after the shoot. I wasn’t interested in playing with colours and in dance. I don’t even remember when the last time … Continue reading Freedom

नाम मेरा आशिफ़ा!

नासमझ थी, वो गलत थी, आठ साल की थी न, मंदिर-मस्जिद में भेद न कर पाई, तो क्या हुआ, थे न वो लोग जिन्होंने सिर्फ उस, माटी के पुतले को ही नही, बल्कि उसकी रूह को भी सबक सिखाया! सिखा गए वो उसे भी और, बाकी दुनिया को भी, की बदले की आग में, सब … Continue reading नाम मेरा आशिफ़ा!

Let My Soul Free

Aversion to be millionaire, No more want to be hire, Anxious to be confined, Years ago my soul died, Hatred for word, optimist, Avoiding to be philonthropist, No more, burden of depriciate, Dying wish, to be obliterate, Among crowd, no one saw, Everyone treated as outlaw, Whatever your fee, Let me see, I am going … Continue reading Let My Soul Free


Time was insane, didn’t know, pain Life full of colour, distant from odour Innocent dreams took regular flight,  Anxiety to dark, uncertain to light He wander on random ways Buoyant, neither trust nor betray Enjoying, some time being furious  And for all little things, it’s to be curious Do what we love, no responsibility  Don’t … Continue reading Childhood