दिल हाथों में लिए!

आज मै ठहरूंगा ! खड़ा रहूंगा सहने के लिए, तेरी वो छलनी बातें, जब तक इस दिल में, ताक़त है छलनी होने के लिए! पर है प्रिये इस बात का, ध्यान जरूर रखना की कहीं, दर्द के बहने के साथ साथ, नयनो के इस नीर के बहाव के साथ, कहीं बह न जाए, हमारा साथ! … Continue reading दिल हाथों में लिए!

The Lamest Joke

Hello everyone ! Once again I am here to share with you something new. I believe you will love this blog of mine. And If you do, share with others too. When I was young, Joke had only one category. And later I came to knew that there are two categories of joke, one veg … Continue reading The Lamest Joke

Better To Walk

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days” ~stressed out ‘twenty one pilots’ Oh man! I love these lines. You know when I was child the only thing; I keep thinking about ‘When I am going to be grown up?’ So like elders I could take my decision for myself. Now here … Continue reading Better To Walk

You will

Stop chasing the destination, take your stand. Do what you love. Success will come to you and it will ask, what do you want? Although journey is more beautiful then the destination. Cause every destination is the beginning of new journey. It’s easy to say and hard to wait, to keep patience and keep going … Continue reading You will