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  • Fire

    Fire: If it’s internal, you will rise. If it’s external, it will turn you into ash. And remember, Don’t let the fire inside you harm others. dark_anki

  • The Observer

    The Observer

  • Hand full of light.

    A hand full of lights, that’s what our existence is. Later or sooner everyone is going to be the stardust we always were. {A poem dedicted for people just like me} ए बन्दे तू क्यूं लिखता है? दर्द को अपने, कागज़ पे क्यों रिसता है! कभी कभी कोई ये सवाल, मुझ से करता है। ये…

  • Path

    Even the darkness owes a path, you just need to glow the light inside you. dark_anki

  • The Turtle Won.

    We all read and heard the story of the race of the turtle and the rabbit. Even being faster the rabbit lose the race from the turtle. And how’s that happen. We know. And you are going to say because the rabbit did sleep. Yes! That’s what we are being told from our childhood. We…

  • Pre-announce

    You don’t need to pre-announce what you are! Because no matter what, time will reveal the truth. They will know what you are made up of. Be real be you. dark_anki

  • Magic

    Magic is one’s belief and for other it’s just an illusion. dark_anki