The Final Solution

Isn’t the pic li’l bit confusing! A li’l complicated! You know that’s how our life is. Confusing, complicated. The more you dive the deeper it becomes. I remember those days when I used to go on an evening walk with my father. That day I was playing near by the small pond. It was covered … Continue reading The Final Solution

अनकहे अल्फ़ाज़!

सनसनाती कानो को चूमती हुई, इन हवाओं में जिक्र, यूँ है, कि कहीं दूर खुश है वो फिर, दिल को उसकी फिक्र क्यों है। बारिश की बूंदों में कैसी ये कशिश है, शक होता है कि कुछ तो इनकी रंजिश है, दो दिल मिलाने की नाकाम ये कोशिश है, दायर वो मोहब्बत-ए-दरख्वास्त, हुई खारिज है। … Continue reading अनकहे अल्फ़ाज़!

The Watch

26 july 2018, 7 pm I was at my brother’s hostel. He had asked me to come. We were in his room. “The parcel, the watch, it came.” He said. I took it, put it on my hand. “I will buy this one for myself too.” I told myself. Well..! One and half weeks ago, … Continue reading The Watch

Who The Hell?

A few weeks ago, I visited to my senior’s room; which was allotted to him a few days earlier. I met his new roomies. They all are of the same class. He introduced me with his roomies. And he told that this one is Ex-CR. He also told him that (pointing toward me.) He is … Continue reading Who The Hell?

So Stop!

Right now I am writing, not because I have something to tell you. Or my new imagination or something else. I am writing because I need to clear my mind. But what should I write? I don’t know. Words come out on its own when I start to write. That’s why I started this way. … Continue reading So Stop!