I don’t have much to say today. But what I can say is All I am is the dust and man of mistakes. All the things that I believe for myself. Nothing is true!After a very long time when I started to believe that now I am a changed person. And my real best friend, … Continue reading Choices!

खामोशी मेरी ढाल..!!

हाँ मिल जाते है राही, जिंदगी के हर नए सफर पे, पर अक्सर जब मंज़िल बदलती है, तो अकेला ही चलता हूँ मै। यूँ तो खुश हूं मैं अपनी नई जिंदगी में, पर यादें, बीती बातें, आंखें छलका जाती हैं। दिख जाते है वो लोग जब पुराने, हंसते मुस्कुराते, अच्छा लगता है, पर दुख भी … Continue reading खामोशी मेरी ढाल..!!

Let My Soul Free

Aversion to be millionaire, No more want to be hire, Anxious to be confined, Years ago my soul died, Hatred for word, optimist, Avoiding to be philonthropist, No more, burden of depriciate, Dying wish, to be obliterate, Among crowd, no one saw, Everyone treated as outlaw, Whatever your fee, Let me see, I am going … Continue reading Let My Soul Free