The Dawn

First of all “Happy New Year” to all of you. 2k18, for me was hard, so many ups and downs. And what I lose was more than what I gain. But it’s inevitable. There is No Escape. But we need to learn and move on. Wounds heals with time, if you want them to be. … Continue reading The Dawn

The Moon

A long before, when I was child, when every one of us have our own fantasies, and imagination of our own world. I had this feeling that I resemble the wolf. I adore them. Maybe I am the lone wolf, who survived 20 years of life. I was always curious about that why the wolves … Continue reading The Moon


कि कहूं अगर चांद से भी, कि दो लफ्ज़ लिखे तारीफ में तेरी, मानो मेरी, रह जाएगा वो कागज खाली, क्यूंकि लफ्जो में तेरा बयां है ही नहीं। dark_anki Continue reading काग़ज़