How do you write? I just want to know how? He asked. Are you watching them? Pointing toward the crowd, I asked. Yeah different people from different places. He replied. Do you know what I see? What!! he asked with curiosity. I see stories, stories of love, vengeance, jealous, amusement, responsibilities, sacrifice, hope, dreams, pride. … Continue reading Stories


न पकड़ कर बैठ उस मोड़ को, जिस पर, रास्ता बदल लिया था कभी उसने, ये मोड़ तो यही रहेगा, और वो भी कभी न लौटेगा! माफ कर दे तू अब उस, जाने वाले की ख़ता को, तू नही उसकी जिंदगी में अब यही है उसकी सजा। dark_anki Continue reading सजा

Little Things

Happiness can be created, you just need to know what makes you happy. You know what, it doesn’t demand having luxury life and cars. It just required few moments which you have to give yourself. In these moments do what you really love to do and see. These little things gives us happiness that we … Continue reading Little Things