The Right Answer!

Sitting on the balcony, passing each smoke, I felt I am stuck, looking at the visions I had. Dreams that keep me awake, emotions from which I was running, letting them take hold of me one by one. Changing song after song, looking for that one which will understand me.I am anxious, not frightened of … Continue reading The Right Answer!

What do you feel!

What should I say? I don’t know! All the thoughts come so fastly, rushing to my mind. This pain which I buried deep inside always trying to break that door. And a load of regrets I carry on back. Every morning should be a new day, a new story. Life is like a plain paper, … Continue reading What do you feel!


Every person around us holds two faces. One side bright and another side dark as of the moon. We all see the bright one, smiling, happy, cheerful, enjoy or exciting. And sometimes we do notice up to the grey part, his anxiety, his anger, expression, his reaction etc. But we couldn’t see is the dark … Continue reading Afraid!!

अपने !

समझ आया था जब, मुझे बचपन का मतलब, अब बड़े हो गए हो, बचपना छोड़ दो, अपनों ने तब कहा था! सीखा था मैंने जब, खुद को लिखना, ये क्या काग़ज़ और कलम लिए बैठे रहते हो, अपनों ने तब पूछा था! जीना सीखा ही था, अभी मैंने जिंदगी, जिम्मेदारी का बोझ भारी है काफी, … Continue reading अपने !