#9 खुद को!

इस झरने की झर झर में,
इस हवा की सन्नाहट में,
झूमते इन पेड़ों में,
एक अलग सी बेबसी है,
यूँ खामोश सी बेचैनी है,
एक ऐसा दर्द है,
जिसमे घुल जाता है दर्द मेरा,
खामोश हुई है धड़कन दिल की,
सांस मेरी इसके दर्द में घुलने लगी है,
गुमनाम सा झूम रहा मैं, यहां,
ऐसा एक समा सा है बना,
खुद को ही भूल कर,
खुद को ढूंढ रहा हूँ मै।


#8 Blurr

I was focusing on a picture, it was blurry all around and focused on single point. I try hard to see the blurry part but I can’t get it. I tried again, but again failed. I get tired of that and I just leave everything.
Now you are going to think why I was focusing on the blurr side. No one can get that. Why I am upset of that? Rather I can see the focused poin. I can see the beauty of that focused point, because of that point the picture was clicked. But still. I want to see the blurry part. May be now you are irritated of this nonsense that I am saying. You know I am doing wrong and at last I will fail again.
Now see not only me but we all are doing this thing. Life give us one point to focus on, but instead we try to see the blurry side.

Rather of exploring yourself in that focused point we are trying to understand the blurry part. And with this focus point, I don’t meant to left your passion and start doing what life gives to you. But before leaving everything, at least try to explore yourself in that focused point. Because sometime in life we really don’t know what we want. And if you don’t know, try to explore in the focused point too.

#7 Ghost In Wind

While all we are running in our life, sometime we need an escape from reality, from everything. It’s time to be happy the way you want to. It’s the time to be what you want to be, when no one else around. It’s time to gone mad. It’s time to do all the mistakes and judged by no one. It’s time to beat the time. It’s time to let the time feel that he want to reverse back. Feel the air, fragrance around you. Dance in flow. Sing with nature’s humming and dance with music blow with air, leaves and birds. Enjoy the silence to extreme. It’s time to fall in her arms and just stay there a little longer. Its time to complete every wish you can that you have. It’s not the time to think twice. It’s the time to “Just be the Ghost In Wind.” Flow with it and escape the reality that exist for everyone else and be what you are for you.


#6 Sunrise And Sunset

Are you feeling lost, it is in case when you don’t know where to go. Sometime we feel that we have no where to go but that’s not true, actually we have a lot of ways to go, and we get confused where to go, and literally we don’t know which way is better. So ways in multiple direction also leads you to being lost.

And seriously it’s good to feel lost atleast you knew you haven’t choose anything yet. And now you are mentally challenged about what you are going to do. So in those moment do what you love to do. Keep doing what you love, and one day you will know what you want to do. Don’t afraid to be a failure, afraid to not follow your heart, afraid to not fight till the last night. Because one day sun is going to rise in the best ever way he could, only for you. It will going to be your day, your time.

You have to go through things there is no escape, these are invincible, either you know earlier or not. Then what’s the profit of knowing the future, just live in suspense, enjoy the emotions because for that were you born, to enjoy each sunrise and sunset.


#5 Choose wisely

You can live thinking what others are thinking about you, what they want you to be, How you can you make your better impact on them, how you can impress your friends, how can you hide the real you, you don’t want to fell embarrassed because of someone, regretting in your life what you don’t have and about mistakes you did.


By don’t give a damn fuck about anyone or anything, be real you, enjoy your trueself, and make a example to others for how to live happily.

Either way you are going to die, So choose wisely. .

#4 Ugliness

“It’s ugliness you need to love of someone because rest of them can be love by anyone. ” And in reality it doesn’t seem like ugliness to me, it’s the thing I love most about you. It makes you special for me. I want to be part of your darkness another vise I am happy alone in light. Pain is something that my heart wished till the day I met you.

Our heart don’t beat at the same time because it beat half in your and another half in me and together make it whole beat, telling that we are complete with each other, we don’t need anyone more.



He loves the colour black congenitally, as he bought the toy cars of colour black, he bought a dog of colour black, even when he grew old he bought everything of colour black, then one thing amazed me, when he wrote…

‘Want a bride, colour complex white’

And suddenly In his matrimonial ad. colour black changes to white, we are still learning human rights.



She loved the stars of sky,

Till that night, When,

One came for her home,

Took away every one, she loved,

How could she ever know,

That she perceived a bomb, as star,

Thrown by species of his own.


#1 Through Your Eyes

When I see in the mirror, I saw mistakes, fault, done by me, a sinner trying to hide from his sins, and I see how dark I am, negativity beneath every layer.

But when I saw myself through your eyes, I saw love, hope inside me, a light of positivity, how beautiful I can be.

That’s why I love to see,

‘Through Your Eyes.’


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