Nirmand, Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Hey all! Happy new year to all of you.
Recently I have been to Nirmand, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.
So beautiful place it is, I couldn’t control myself and just shot some landscapes and now can’t decide which one to post so sharing,
“The Nirmand series”
Will tell you short tales I have heard back in the place.
So basically Nirmund’s older name was Nar-Mund. “नर मुंड”.

There was a ritual of sliding men each year through ropes in a festival, and It was in hands of their spiritual Gods whether this guy will survive or not. And the person was to choose by their Gods Itself. After this, whether the guy survive or not, all the deposition was to be given to the family of that person.
Although It’s as scary it sounds, the locals talk about it proudly.

Nirmand was once used to be the biggest village in Asia. As per the locals, there are 7 different generations of Brahmins, who belongs to seven different rishis of our Sanskriti and other people too.
They usually marry in their village and stories of lovers are famous as they were into each other from a very young age. As of now many people lives in foreign states and countries too.
It was raining the last I visit so I took this shot from inside the car. To visit, Nirmand there is a road connected from Rampur and It’s around 15-20 km from there. I have heard the scary stories of the path which went through the jungle from Rampur to Nirmand.
The Elder advises to avoid travelling through that roadway in the nights and also to lower down the music/sound of your car or any vehicle you are driving when you are passing through it.

I once experienced such a natural phenomenon when I was coming back from Kumarsain through a shortcut way, will tell that story another day. Instead of being afraid like the local guy who was with me, I was more curious to know what it is. Later he told me that’s how they caught the person, first getting attention, then grabbing the curiosity and resulting in ultimate fear and heart attacks.
My Junior colleague was telling me the horrifying stories about the pathway that passes through Jungle and we saw camps like temples in the jungle. The local guy told us that this guy is a professional teacher in college, he teaches during the daytime and studies dark magic practices the night in the jungle. I was so astonished and curious to know more, but we were short on time. The local guy told that the guy barely talks to village people and village people are also somewhat afraid of him. One day, I wished to myself.

I heard the tales of Lord Parshuram, the sixth Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who came at last with the headless body of her mother Renuka in her arms, which he executed on his father’s wish. And as the Nir-mand without the head, the name is placed of the village.
I was unable to visit the temple and yet I wish to make a short video on folk tales of this village, thinking about this idea give me goosebumps.
I had a lot to learn and I got so excited about this little knowledge I have. I Will visit soon again.
The colours of these paths were so beautiful that I didn’t have to edit, although if the road condition is good, this place is the best to travel through bikes. I was so full of Nirmand and yet so empty. I will visit again and tell you more about folk tales for now on enjoy the photos.
Nirmand is one of the beautiful places I ever visited, I wasn’t ready enough to write about this village but I did anyway. I will write more about it and the other places I have visited recently. I am grateful to my life, that my eyes could see all these beautiful places.

dark anki



4 responses to “Nirmand, Kullu Himachal Pradesh”

  1. Dr Vaibhav Thakur Avatar

    Do visit some unexplored places around Rampur during your next visit. I’ll be glad to help you 🙂

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Sure thing ❤️


  2. bernard25 Avatar

    Bonheur, ennuis, succès, déception ou échec – je ne sais pas ce qui vous attend pour la journée, mais je sais que tout ira bien c’est toujours un plaisir de venir te dire. Bonjour bonjour!
    Amitié c’est un plaisir de déposer un petit mot à tous mes amis amies Bernard


    1. dark anki Avatar

      merci pour les mots gentils


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