The Fallen Princess!

Last night I was going to sleep and a girl whispered something in my ears, she was so afraid of being judged by society so she couldn’t tell this to the world openly!

She whispered and I narrate!

A note to the Beloved Parents

I know I’m not the perfect child and it’s hard to say you aren’t the perfect parents either. I know this may trigger you, make you remember what you did for me since the day I was born until now but it’s not what you think this is about.

Your child can have problems, mental stress, frustration, they have a life going on of themselves too. You have to understand your child can need to be alone, can have some personal space. You can not expect your child to be happy all the time because this world is after all not so happy for them.

The world is changing, it never was the same. Things were different when you were a child, when you gave birth to a child and when your child is all grown up.

Anxiety, anger, silence, frustrations, are emotions too. Please do not exaggerate these little things and make your child a victim of not expressing his/her emotions.

Try to understand, give us some space! We will be fine, and we love you!
In the end, I asked her to let me reveal the secrecy of her Identity and she asked me to name her, “The fallen Princess”

A shot from recent bridal shoot.

dark anki



6 responses to “The Fallen Princess!”

  1. padmaja ramesh Avatar

    You’re absolutely right. We should be always stand as a helping hand.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thankyou for understanding ♥️


  2. ashi1621 Avatar

    Amazing! Parents should read this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yeah!! But the fallen princess don’t want that!

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  3. giveitathought Avatar

    Very must for whoever is a parent 🌻

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