I never knew!
Are you aware of this!
Well! being lockdown in home alone for this much time! I never knew I could survive and possibly start to like it.
Of course, there are ups and downs in daily life, but in the end, you learn the lesson or enjoy the memory and move on.
Sometimes it does feel like a loop, doing the same thing again and again!
It’s like you are reliving the same day again, wake up late! Get scolded by mom frequently, or watching series, doing something for time to pass, like editing some photos, drawing anything one like, and then helping in the home stuff!
And in the night again to the bed! Now I have stopped counting the days, I don’t care which day is it! When someone talks about the day or date, I have to ask my mother, which day is it? Seriously! It’s Saturday! Wasn’t the previous day was Saturday too?
Maybe the last time I saw the calendar, It was Saturday.Why the fuck I care! As days seem to pass, and we are coming to the end of the lockdown period! I don’t think it will end soon! I have given up the hope a long time ago! Scrolling Instagram seems like a place to watch the people blaming each other, spreading hatred! In the news, It’s the same news, except the graph rate is increasing.
And who’s fault is this! We all are included in this!
And thinking about myself I have very less habitual to live at home. I almost spent 11 years staying away from home. What do you expect from me now! But you know sometimes we amaze ourself like we don’t know who really we are!
With a lot of time of realization, some start to overthink! And I am beyond overthinking “the overthought part” once again!
I am bored with it! So I have stopped worrying about what is going to happen next! And I am just living the present and you know what I am alive!





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