Be Inevitable

Whether you believe it or not or even ignore its existence. Call it science or whatever but there is something inside every one of us.
The unrevealed secrets, the mystical forces that can’t be seen, but felt.
There is energy inside ready to be channelized by us but with proper practice.
Controlling our body and creating our path. This energy inside is random chaotic until and unless we shape it. Concentrate over it and give it the path to walk on.

As they say, It’s chaos If not proper channelled, but if you do Its pure magic.
The magic we often see as miracles.
Once talking to a friend I listen to his way of seeing the world. As Nature is God and all of us are nature. All the five senses of ours, through which we transmit/receives energy.
You have heat in you which is constantly being transferred to nature. It’s one of nature’s five elements.
Similarly when you inhale and exhale.
So you are constantly being everywhere.
It hit me at the time. You can think about it constantly and won’t get tired. That’s the beauty of it. The more you dive the more peaceful you feel.
Well, maybe that’s the real truth, the real happiness.
But I know, still, there will be a lot of things in your mind to do.
And I appreciate that one should be hungry to do what it takes.
If someone is completely happy in what they have, then they are dreamless. Although there is nothing wrong in it, somewhere maybe somewhere you are not using full potential. At least give it a try. But still, if you are happy than It’s cool. In the end, that’s what we want.
But yeah apart from this hustle you are going in your life, you should make time to dive in the purity of the knowledge of yourself. You can do that by meditating. Control your energy, channelize and,
Be Inevitable.

dark anki


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