No matter how much you try! It’s hard to leave the comfort zone. The perfect illusion created by the mind to keep itself in rest.
The darkness around you sucks your will power, the dreams get fuzzy. Like some good old memories.
The depression covers your mind just like the fog and It’s hard to see. And what you want now is to keep your mind in rest.
Slowly it breaks the feather of your wings.
Leaving you for nothing. The corner is what you like and doing nothing makes you feel more comfortable.
You started to believe that it’s your faith. You got stuck in a moment waiting for the motivation.

You keep trying to motivate yourself for something that deep down your heart knows you don’t want!
But here you were trying to figure out the path for the destination your heart seeks, by reaching other destination first. The one where everyone assumes to see you.
You wish to divert your path at the last moment or to start the journey after reaching this destination.
You got everything but happiness. The feeling of filled from inside and achievement is gone. You miss your old life when you were still on the journey and now journey becomes your new destination.
But leaving that comfort zone becomes impossible for you and you excuse yourself with a lot of reasons.
Reasons that don’t exist, It’s the illusion you fed yourself to not leaving your comfort zones. Either say to yourself that you are a weak to take a step against it or you want to stay as you are.
It suppresses the fire inside and sucks out your soul from your body. And the body doesn’t feel less than muscle and bones. Random energy has lost its path in the universe.
Still, there is hope!

Remember when you started it!
Remember why you started it?
Recite it before you sleep it, recite again when you wake up!
Keep motivating yourself, Take a step every day towards the success, leaving behind the comforts.




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