To new beginnings!

If you look over the life you have lived. The lessons you have learned. The memories you have made. The success you have achieved or the formations of the pillars of the failure and success is yet to achieve!
Whatever it’s that you have been through, take pride in yourself that you are here. Still fighting the war or maintaining the reputation. You have maintained to stand and fight.
You have passed the storms of emotions and accept the pain and glory!
If you ask, pride for what! I haven’t achieved it yet or there is more.
Pride to stand alone.
Because not everyone can do it.
Pride to fight again and again every day!
Pride to stand after the fall.
Pride of yourself what you have become in this journey!

And the war is still going on. The winner is not the one who wins all the battles!
The winner is one who doesn’t give up on his dreams. Who kept walking and walking even if there is no shred of light can be seen.
The time is yours and It will be yours. You need to decide what to do with it. Some may have figured it out and others are still exploring themselves.
To the one, we have become at this moment.
I embrace all of you bad and good.
I am proud of you!

dark anki






3 responses to “To new beginnings!”

  1. ashok Avatar

    Proud of you too my friend. Happy 2020 😊🤗

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thankyou ♥️

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      1. ashok Avatar


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