Chapter 3

Naked !

{If you haven’t read,”Chapter 1” and Chapter 2}

‘Are you talking to me’
“Uh! Yeah”
‘I am sorry, I am busy right now, Is it really important!’
“Can I walk with you till the hostel”
‘Uh! Okay tell’
“Yeah! I saw you today at the department”
‘Yeah, I have some work with HOD sir, so!’
“Actually when you were going back, from the top floor, I called you, maybe you didn’t listen”
‘Seriously (Fuck!) Oh I was in a rush and so that’s what you want to tell me’
“Yes! I mean no! I mean I want to tell more”
‘speak! This is my hostel”
“Will you have coffee with me tomorrow”
‘What! Sorry I am busy tomorrow.’
“Then the day after tomorrow”
‘Huh! Why don’t you take that girl whose hand you were holding in class’ (Fuck I really said this) “Oh! I am sorry. She is just bro, there is nothing between us”
‘(what really! ) So what can I do’
“You noticed that in the morning”
‘No! Not like that I just saw someone holding someone’s hand in the classroom. That’s so weird’
(Guard blew the whistle) Don’t stop here! keep on moving! Quick! (whistle blew again) ‘I have to go’
“So coffee tomorrow?”
‘I will think about it’
At night I firstly find out that girl’s name and then stalk her on Facebook and Instagram. She had another boyfriend. And then I stalk his pictures. I was so excited about Coffee.DSC_57761


“Can you tell me what happened?”
‘I was lying and tried to believe the lie but I failed’
“Please bae! Why does it matter!”
‘You know what, that day You texted me where are you?
Busy right now, in class! I replied But In reality I was kissing someone.’
“What the fuck! How could you do this to me”
‘No I didn’t’
“What are you saying, you just said you did”
‘Yeah, I did!’
“What is it?”
‘It was you’
“What me!”
‘I texted you that evening where are you? Busy right now! In class. I was standing outside of your class in the department, the whole class was empty except you and your so-called “bro”, yeah! I saw you both kissing each other! I lied to you when you asked Is everything alright? I lied to myself and try to believe that It wasn’t you. I cheated on myself, I waited that you will tell me that was a lie. But the truth comes natural, naked!

dark anki





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    What a story 🙌🙌

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    Good one 👍

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    It’s amazing ❤️

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