Chapter 1

I Cheated!

(Before you start reading, “BOY” and ‘Girl’)

“Can we talk?” ‘What do you want now?’ “Just want to talk, for me, for us! Did you forget all the moments we had? ”
‘No I haven’t forgotten anything!’
“So why not let us give a chance! ”
‘It’s not going to work between us!’
“Just meet me once?”
“You know! Where we met the first time.
“The bridge, It was the first time, I saw him. He was coming from the front side and I couldn’t keep my eyes away from him. I was staring at him continuously. At last, he smiled or blushed. I don’t know what it was, but it took my heart away. I wished all night to let me see him once again. Now It was in our routine, at evening he is used to coming from Gate 1 side and I used to go to my hostel. I couldn’t help myself falling for him but I didn’t want to let him know, what he will think of me! That cute smile and his flirting eyes, It was like peace for me after a whole day busy schedule. Earlier, I wonder why I couldn’t see him In LH. Later come to know that his classes are scheduled in his department. Is he come from side to see me or it’s his routine. I want to talk to him, but I want him to initiate. After all, he is the guy! I used to think about such things before sleeping at night. Next day I couldn’t find him, and not even the day after tomorrow! And then at the weekend. I don’t know that I am even going to meet him or not.

DSC_5724(present-day)                                                                                                                                        “Hi”
“How are you!”
‘Everything fine!’
“Let’s take a walk!”
‘Yeah! sure’ “So what is it? Will you tell me?”
“You just texted me, It’s not going to work, and when I asked why? You said It’s not me! It’s about you, yourself! You said You need time.”
‘Yeah so! ‘
“Can you please tell what’s going on!”
‘I texted you three months before. Now you got the time to ask’
“I was giving you space, you asked for”
‘So why here now! ‘
“Just want to know what happened”
‘It’s too late now’
“At least give me a chance to make everything fine”
‘It’s already fine the way it is.’
“Not for me bae”
‘Don’t call me that!’
“At least tell me where I went wrong! ”
‘I told you It’s not you, It’s me! ‘                                                                                                   “How? Please! ”
‘I cheated!’

dark anki

Chapter 2

Chapter 3



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