Chapter 2

Are You Talking to me!

{If you haven’t read,”Chapter 1“}

‘I Cheated’

“What the fuck! ”
‘Please be, quiet! ‘
(After few moments of silence.)
“But you know what! It doesn’t matter now, I still want to be yours! ”
‘But It matters to me’

‘It happened once and It can happen again! ‘
“What was it? ”
‘Remember three months ago when you asked that is everything fine? I lied to you, and myself. I tried to believe that it was a lie, but you know what one can’t ignore the truth for long, It comes in pure form, naked! ‘
“Can you tell me what happened”
I remember, that weekend felt so long. I couldn’t wait to pass it, after every hour I used to check the time and then repeat the same dialogue, ‘Why It’s taking so long?’ At night I went to bed early so the time could pass quickly but it was obvious, my mind didn’t want to sleep. I was contemplating about what he can do to ask me out? How would I reply, How would I show that I am not that much interested in him!
The next day, I chose the dress that suits best on me.
I couldn’t wait till evening, so I went to the department so he could just watch me and get flattered. I went to drink water which was on the top floor and also his class was scheduled there. With every step forward I could have listened to my heartbeat. That room was near and what I saw made my eyes teary. I couldn’t believe myself. He was sitting on the first desk holding the hand of a girl sitting next to her! Is he committed?
I couldn’t drink water, I just turn back and ran away. I didn’t know. I made my mind to forget him and I was taunting myself for how stupid I am for falling a boy who I didn’t even know.
At the evening I was going back to the hostel, the bridge was reminding me of the moment I first time saw him. I decided to change my path and now I have to go through the long turn which passes by the dispensary.
When I reached near to the bridge I saw him, he was waiting for someone and continuously seeking toward another side of the bridge. I decided to walk faster, So he couldn’t notice. As I passed he did notice! He started walking toward me, I increase the pace of my walk.

“Excuse me” I ignored!  “Hey! Excuse me”

‘Are you talking to me!’

Chapter 3

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