Travel Or Test!

So we were planning a trip, for Sangarh-Sainj Valley.
“Are you coming?” A friend asked!
Who knows what comes next and if I say I am coming and then later if I couldn’t go? Thinking about all this in my mind, I said: ” I wanted too, but I am not sure yet!”
I was trying to shift our trip for more further days. But I couldn’t.
We all have a busy schedule later! They said.
Okay! So I was checking I don’t have anything left around the weekend! All checked and am good to go! This time it seems easy to go. Life doesn’t seem so good to me. And I started doubting myself. Have I checked everything?
I called my class ‘CR’.
“Is there anything scheduled on the weekend?”
“Yeah! the class test!”
It was meant to happen last weekend and fortunately at that time, unfortunately, for now, the test was postponed on this weekend.
I talked with a senior! Is there any chance of the trip getting postponed!
And the CR too, about the test! At least one should be postponed.
I talked to my teacher, Is there any chance I can give my test later!
Yes! He said, only in case of emergency! Is there any?
And the answer was no for the trip and maybe for the test. A little hope rise! Maybe if the test postpones!
But what If it doesn’t!
I was worried about my grades and I can’t say no to travel! And I needed this one. I couldn’t sleep for the last few days. And travel heels me. It will give me the one thing I am indeed, Peace!
So I was in this process where one sees all the consequences and comes to a decision.
I ask my old future self. What would I remember then? A test? Or exploring the Shangarh!
I had my answer. Still, I was hoping that maybe the test will postpone.
Next morning I was on the bus on the way to shangarh- Sainj valley. And the notification popped on my phone.
“Test is in the room no. CR 3”.
I off my phone and put in my bag’s pocket.






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