I don’t have much to say today. But what I can say is All I am is the dust and man of mistakes. All the things that I believe for myself. Nothing is true!
After a very long time when I started to believe that now I am a changed person. And my real best friend, “Time”. He shows the real face of me. And all I realize is, Was It me?
The human always finds something to blame on. He can’t live with the guilt, he can’t live with the thought that he is not a man, what he believes himself to be.
But Time is strong than anyone else. You can’t outrun it. Slowly and slowly It came up and show what you really are!
The suspense it creates and the timing of showing the reality, the point where hope begins to rise, after this long and It will make you see the reality the way no one could ever imagine.
Every time I started to believe now there is nothing that can break me, and it shows the plenty of them. When I start to feel like maybe the good time has begun after all this, It comes and wakes you Up.
“You aren’t the man you believe you are.” It said in my ears. I am not the one who can be forgiven and even I can’t forgive myself. Darkness is all that I am. I can’t be good for someone.I rise myself, again and again, even then I don’t know from where to begin. All I know is I don’t deserve anyone. All I meant is to be alone.
Because alone is the only place I can’t do anything bad to someone.
I don’t know how many times I can! Or I can’t.
My little world of dreams tasted the reality and all I have left is me and my choices.
A man is what choices he makes!






2 responses to “Choices!”

  1. glowofmind Avatar

    It’s so sad and private what you have written and I don’t know if i should comment… but I must say, I can relate to so many things you’ve mentioned.
    “Darkness is all that I am” … darkness and light are no different if you really see it.


    1. dark anki Avatar

      I agree. Both are the same. It’s just about what we want to believe.


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