The End Itself.

Often people ask me, How can you write this much?
Some said I always enjoy your writing! And You are maturing in writing. Sometimes people use to tell me my mistakes. Most of them don’t even care what I have written. They don’t worry about themselves by reading my caption or clicking on the link I sent. Ignorance is most of the time, I get and a few praises. And the question arise, Am I inspired by these bunch of people who read my write up Or Am I not feel demotivated from the people who Ignores!
Keep watching toward the light, they say! Keep inspiring from the good side.
Well for me I truly appreciate the guys who read my stuff. I love you guys. And the people who Ignore, It doesn’t worry me because me also, I am not the reader kind. I read very less. Although a lot of people advised me too.
So what is it! That I am writing again and again.
It’s like I am walking In this dark tunnel and there is no light anywhere, the end doesn’t seem to be near or far!
It feels like Infinite, But you know what, although I don’t see any end to this long dark tunnel But It doesn’t worry me. Because I love the walk and I am not interested In the end. The end doesn’t excite me what makes me feel alive is today, this walk. I am not bored with it. I am not feeling deprived or alone. Who knows what It’s going to be at the end. Maybe or maybe not I am going to like the end. No one promised me that the end is going to be beautiful. All I heard from people is missing the path that leads them to end not the end itself.
So I am not waiting for the end. I am enjoying the path. I love to write and do photography. It makes the balance for my other life. Balance of my inner peace.

So what I am saying is that I write for myself and if you feel good reading it then you are most welcome, do as it pleases you. And If you don’t ignore it. Live your life beautifully. Don’t worry yourself with the future. What you have is present. Worry about today. Contribute the part of today of your dreams and live happily, excited for tomorrow. There is much more in the path itself than the end.






4 responses to “The End Itself.”

  1. giveitathought Avatar

    Yeah, writing feels like breathing, it gives meaning to my life 👒

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  2. pick1solution Avatar

    How else would one be able to have true satisfaction?

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      True satisfaction, It’s just kind of an illlusion that one can have! If you want you can be truly satisfied with what you have right now. But always go for what you really want! ♥️

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