Sainj Valley 2/3

Sainj valley trek

So similar to previous one!
I clicked this one on my way back from sainj valley. We took a break and sat for a while. There was this lady sitting with a smile child, his grandson. With the look on his face and the glasses, I think he lives in city and he is here to meet her grandmother for some holidays.
When she came to know I am clicking their photograph, she pulled the boy close to him and smile, but I like the random and natural one more. These kind of photos carry a story with themselves. One can imagine whatever he wants to!

When I went towards her, she was talking about our trip and assuring that we were all good, and we have our fun. She thought that all of us from the city. But my senior clarified that some of us are from Himachal Pradesh and some are from city. And the kid was looking so curious to know that who we are? And what we are doing here?
People are coming to stay a night here! In these tents, with a bonfire! And they like to roam in these mountains and jungle? Are you serious?
Maybe this is what he was thinking or nothing like that and he is just listening what we have to say about ourself.
Well One who haven’t taste the another flavour can’t say mine is good or bad.
No matter how much gorgeous and pleasing these cities night could be!
Mountains have their own lap for you to explore!
Have a visit and you will know what I want to say! And travel safe!






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