Sainj valley 1/3

Sainj Valley trek

When we were coming back, from our trek in Sainj valley, there was a small house where our lunch was arranged. Along with its side, natural drainage and water are flowing through the mountains. It was beautiful. After eating my lunch, I was Sainj valley 2/3staring at the water, It’s sound was so calming. There I saw this lady coming down from the valley.
I was amazed at her strength, as the blocks of wooden sticks, she was holding on her back, tied within ropes.
She saw me with these little worried eyes. I didn’t want to make her feel awkward. So I didn’t click much. But she was different then as I expected to be. When she crossed me she asked with a smile, “Did you get your photo?” I was shocked. “Yes! Thank you very much” I replied with a smile.
I didn’t expect this. I once heard that people from upper areas of Himachal are mostly kind and generous. And My heart said, “Yes It’s true.” Even after living such a hard life these people are so welcoming and supportive. They love to tell about their ways of living and what they do to survive during the cold. And they are curious to know about us. Even at this age, as I could Imagine from her face she was so strong, that even I couldn’t handle that block of wooden sticks from the above in jungle to home. But you know what! They do It on a regular basis. Even I am Himachali, But I don’t belong to such high mountains. I love to sleep in the mountains lap, below the stars, covered in forests, and the hymn of birds and wind.

Even such a hard life, people don’t want to leave from there. The happiness these mountains give to one can’t be found anywhere on earth. I am so proud to be a part of Himachal, although I learned the value of it after a while. But one can’t imagine How it feels to be there, and It can’t be explained in words. One must go there and feel it. Wish you luck with that.

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