Isn’t It Beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Isn’t It Beautiful!”

  1. I enjoyed reading this as I have all you have written. I am reminded within your words how I once was and all I have learned in this journey we call life. I was there before leaving others before attachments could be made so I would not hurt again. That type of pain can tear you apart making you want to refrain from getting too close to anyone. I understand it all too well. That was me. To make the long story short. This journey has taught me that I was wrong being that way. Love, to feel, to give, to receive is such an amazing thing. When you turn others away because you’re afraid of being hurt you take away the possibility of the love as well. The statement “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” is such a significant statement. At least it means so much to me. To feel is better than to never feel again. Even if I have to feel the pain that is always a possibility. The feeling of love makes it worth it

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