Every person around us holds two faces. One side bright and another side dark as of the moon. We all see the bright one, smiling, happy, cheerful, enjoy or exciting. And sometimes we do notice up to the grey part, his anxiety, his anger, expression, his reaction etc.
But we couldn’t see is the dark side of the face. Where the real truth lies. Where eyes can’t lie. Expressions can’t be fake. And you can’t lie. Because all you know is dark.
Rarely we got to know someone’s dark side. And we don’t judge at that point because to feel that dark side you have to share the dark of yours.

Everyone is afraid of that. So that’s why rarely we know that an alone dark room heard, a pillow soaked or written on the diaries or in the short forms in the last page of notebooks or a wall knows.
Sometimes I wonder how we all are afraid of yourself, no one else.
We are afraid of our other half. The half we don’t want to share with someone. If someone does share it with you, you can’t imagine your place in that person’s eyes.
Never lose these people.
One of my dark sides, I wanted to share today, because all my readers hold a beautiful place in my heart.
I am afraid of being hurt. I am so fearful for this situation, that even when I start to feel that someone can hurt me, I started to ignore him, start to hiding my emotions, trying to send him away, ignore him or in the end start to hurt him. So I couldn’t be hurt at any point.
I am so afraid of it and the irony is I get hurt a lot of times earlier. Still, I am fearful of being hurt again. In this process, I try to avoid conversation with people and come with an arrogant image. That’s what I prefer, No expectation, No emotions, No feelings. Trying to be as far as possible. Limiting the circle of friend and sometimes even avoiding them. I can’t help it cause I am afraid.






2 responses to “Afraid!!”

  1. Le.shyaka Avatar

    This was so deep and emotional… I feel like it’s my story. But it was really good, thank you for sharing!

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      You are welcome ♥️🔥

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