Your weapon!

In the previous post, we talk about that we can’t outrun the fight and we don’t want to.
So did you ever think what is it that makes you don’t want to fight? Why you try to outrun? Why people give up already?
Let me tell you. Ever seen a fight scene in the movie. Old movies. When people fight with hand made weapons.

In one to one fight, they asked you to choose your weapon. For whatever you feel, that yes this is with what I will fight.
That’s fair. That’s what you can choose.
I usually heard life isn’t fair. You know what I feel Life is fair. Life allows you to choose, no matter what comes next. You can always choose. Don’t make excuses.
Did you choose your weapon yet?
Is it the weapon you feel with which you can fight, whatever the hell comes next?
Is it worth fighting?
Think about this.
Most of the time I heard people complained, I am stuck. I don’t want to be here.
So what are you doing here?
Choose your weapon? And fight with it till the last breath.
In my case, one of my weapons is what you are reading right now!
It doesn’t matter to me whether I lose or I win. What matters to me is that I give my best. I don’t quit until the end. I keep motivating myself, I keep doing it no matter what people say!
From outside It looks cool, yeah he is a writer, he knows how to write?
Let me tell you one thing, Once in my childhood, I was angry with God, that I don’t have any God-gifted talent.
You know what I said to myself at that time. That I am the God-gifted, cause I can be the best at whatever the talent I want to. I can make myself whatever I want to. God let me choose myself.
So the Game is on!
What are you waiting for, choose your weapon and fight for your worth!
If you don’t know about it right now, explore yourself!
You would know!
You can do whatever you want to!
Just choose the weapon or explore and the weapon will choose you yourself.
You should know how to fight, and what to fight with. Instead of making excuses, because of one day, people will ask you. Not others.
Cause you are responsible for yourself.
Your fight!
Your dreams!



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