Fight For!

Yes, we all.
I am including you too. We all are fighting here, no matter that either cause of the fight is low or higher.
We are fighting to survive,
Fighting for own existence,
Fighting for respect,
Fighting for love,
Fighting for loved ones,
Fighting for own pride,
Fighting to prove our worth,
Fighting for yourself,
Fighting to show that yes we are!
Fighting for our dreams,
Fighting to achieve them,
Fighting to survive.
Fighting for own identity.
Fighting all the obstacles in our way, in life, and with time.
And the fittest survive.
You can’t run from it, either you face it or you try to run from it, but you can’t escape it.

So It’s inevitable.
You can’t outrun the fight. And why would anyone?
Who wants to live the life being a coward.
If you can dream something, then you can achieve it.
But, Sometimes you get tired fighting every fight. You get demoralized. You feel demotivated. You don’t feel to do anything. All the mind want to do is to rest. Times comes when it tries to push you down from every side. It makes you feel week. It makes you feel humiliated. You judge yourself. You start to believe, that I can’t do this. Let me tell you one thing,
Keep going!
Start again!
Remember why you started it?
Feel the energy!
Even if you don’t wish to!
Do it!
Do it again!
And again until the time feel the push back and once you started to feel the fire inside once again.
No one can stop you now. No one. Not even you.
The one person who can stop you, or makes you feel weak, is the person standing in front of you when you stand in the front of the mirror.
You have to fight him. And when you won yourself. You started to be successful. Time gets stop to see such personalities.
Even the universe bows for such energy.
You have that energy. Choose your fight. And won it.






2 responses to “Fight For!”

  1. Melodie Michelle ❤️ (cheLLe) Avatar

    AWESOME encouraging post! Thank you for this! I’m following you please follow me and comment please!
    I remember …

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