Wolf Howls for Moon

The first time I saw her, everything stopped and every sound gets dim, my eyes was purely focussed on her, walking with her as she was going carefree, without noticing anything or anyone around. She was similar to the bright moon between all the diminished stars. At that particular moment, I decided that I am going to be the lone wolf of this moon. Everything was so quiet for seconds that I could hear my heartbeat. Dub dub, dub dub.. and so on. I was so into her that I started to walk toward her, and suddenly my friend said, “this side man”
What? I asked.
“We are going this side,” he said again.
I turned my eyes back and watch her going away until she vanished from my eyes.
She wasn’t going alone. I saw a piece of my heart going away with her, with the pain of craving of my remaining heart to be whole again. To be with her. I was similar to the wolf that howls for the moon, as my heart was for her.
“Who was she? I asked my friend”
“She is in the hostel,” He said.
“Okay!” I said with relief. Because there was only one hostel for our college. And I have a friend in that hostel. “I would see her again, a hope rise in me. Something can happen. I have to try. I will.” I was talking to myself.

Next day, I wake up and went to class, I saw her again, I came to know, she is in Chemistry major. And what I saw surprised me a lot. My friend from the hostel was there too, coming with her. I was so happy inside. Maybe now I will get a chance to talk to her. But I don’t approach directly. I ignore people. So I decided to do the same. She went toward another block. And asked my friend, with an expression that I don’t even care, “who is she?” “She is my bestie.”
“Oh! Okay.” I didn’t ask anything more. I didn’t want her to know, that I kind of like her.
I just wanted to know her more. Now I was regretting the ignore part, I could have seen her a little more. A few more moments, that my eyes can hold her image for a little longer. I was waiting for the next time.






2 responses to “Wolf Howls for Moon”

  1. afterthoughtkj Avatar

    Another good one. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thankyou ♥️


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