Life is like a river and the ultimate end is to reach the sea and stay there in peace. Sometimes you get evaporated on the way to the sea and sometimes from the sea itself. And then go high, from clouds to back again to a new journey either soaked or flow in the river again.
And the river is a beautiful journey, all the adventure and excitement for what next! Striking the stones and sometimes carrying the stone with the flow. Either calm or with harsh. Passing through season and bank. With crowd or alone or even with strangers. Crossing every hurdle. Flowing happily and enjoying or without any talks, quietly. Meeting new friends leaving the old one.
Moving on.
Beginning of new relations.
Growing old.
Settling down to the surface or running at the top layers.
That’s completely similar to human’s life.
Isn’t it?

As we are born, the journey begins and the ultimate end is to die and born again or stay in paradise.
The journey that passes through hurdles, with either friends or alone or strangers.
Each people we met, leave an impression on our heart and the beautiful or bad memories.
Life keeps moving and we should have to flow with it.
Either you will walk or will be dragged with time. And I think It’s better to walk slowly with the friends, stranger, or alone enjoying each moment rather than running; running from problems and people around. Hiding from their judgement. Seeking other’s attention or love.
Live carefreely!
And do whatever you want to!
Make choices and be proud of them
Love your life!






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