Someone !

A few months back I saw a quote,
She is not someone’s sister;
She is not someone’s mother;
She is not someone’s wife;
“She is someone..!”

And this touches my heart somewhere deeply. And today It came above scratching the layers below which it was fighting to come above continuously. It was waiting for a perfect portrait. Here I am putting it into the words. It’s hard to write for such emotions. Because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling, but If I do, I apologise first.
A year back I saw a portrait which led my tears to come out and did dry on my face during their way down to my chin. Two beautiful girls were playing in rain, feeling the droplets and an inspiring smile on their face. They were feeling each drop until it gets vanished. Her hands were collecting the rainwater to engulf the elixir down the throat. But it wouldn’t reform his face as it was. There is no doubt she is still a beautiful girl with that smile I can’t describe in words. But this elixir, that clouds are distributing to them happily wouldn’t heal his face. It was written in the caption, “Acid Attack Victim.”
In my eyes, there is no crime that could have such punishment and if you did it for revenge, you lose it, man..!! Why this?
She is still happy and she still will be loved by everyone around. The world will accept here as it as. But one thing that wouldn’t be forgiven, that what you did to a child. It wouldn’t just affect her face but will affect the child inside her!
Think again!
She is someone.
A beautiful, happy child inside a paradise named as the body.
A heart which is filled with love.
A mind, full of dreams.
A bird with fully grown wings.
You wouldn’t need to protect her. You just need to change one thing, known by the name of “thinking”. Just your own thinking.
She is beautiful, compassionate, full of love and respect. Let here be her. Let her have her freedom. Let here fly alone or in the flock. Walk with her, run with her or leave her alone as per her choice. Let her choose.
Because she is someone!






10 responses to “Someone !”

  1. Kumar Parma Avatar

    Great, beautifully written 👍

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  2. Alexis Rose Avatar

    I like that! So true.

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  3. Syamraj Avatar

    Well written.. Touching

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  4. briannahanddd Avatar

    So well written, love your writing style!

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you ♥️


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