Believe in your dreams!
I heard this a lot of times. But you ever think what it really means.
But before it there comes a point, have a dream. Dream big.
Who doesn’t have a dream? Everyone does!
Yeah everyone has in the beginning and we love to live in our dreamland, where everything is perfect for us.
But as we grew up there is a word that becomes much common in most of our life, “compromise”. And we started to live with what we can afford, and big dreams felt that they are not affordable.

Somewhere in the box full of responsibilities, dreams do vanish quietly.
People started to find happiness, or try to be happy with what they have.
Ever thought that a poor’s eye can’t even afford to have dreams. Achieving them is a whole another point.
You know what, no matter however the odd condition there, you should dream big. Find the ways you can have it. No matter what happens you will protect your dream. Even if the society says, No. Say ‘Yes I can and I will’. Every morning when you wake up, just for 5-10 minutes think about your dreams. How you are going to achieve them. What you have done for them.
You have to fight for yourself, your dreams, your survival, your existence.
You have to, for yourself.
Dream big!
Believe in your dreams!
Be an achiever!






4 responses to “Achiever”

  1. Avatar

    Lovely 💗 Never give up on your dreams no matter how big or small.

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  2. Styles By Erin Avatar

    I randomly come across your post today and really love it. Reading this post one again reminds me that ” Fall seven times stand up eight and never give up on myself and my dreams”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. ❤ ❤

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      I am glad you liked it ♥️

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