Most of the time I try to understand, why and what?
I try to find ways to forgive the next person no matter how much he has hurt. And I hope it wouldn’t happen again. Expectation always hurts. And thus I expect rarely, usually, I don’t expect anything but still among the love ones you start to expect something back, and when understanding others starts to hurt me more often, I choose the simple and easy way or you can say I do run from the problem.

I start to ignore the person like it doesn’t matter whether he exists or not. So I don’t have to think about him and the thing with which I got hurt. I can’t embrace it. People interpret me as an arrogant or serious kind of person. I talk less. I try to ignore. Try to keep that circle close. Because as the count increase I get afraid of being vulnerable. I always try to not let anyone have that power to hurt me. And when they do I realize that my roads are turning aside and now I have to walk away. Yeah, I am going to hurt him a little bit. But sometimes you have the right to be selfish for yourself and to be happy. And once again I do promise myself, I wouldn’t let anyone come this close to me.
I hate it when I feel week, I do. If you understand me then it’s good otherwise, I am in the habit of living alone happily. But I am not alone anymore. I have opened my vulnerability, my dark secrets, the book of my life and she have accepted it with a warm hug. I don’t need to run anymore. I am whole. So I wouldn’t have any problem to turn my road aside because I know I am not alone.






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  2. pick1solution Avatar

    This is a way of copping. Your strength is where you meet the challenges.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Completely agree ♥️

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