The Dawn

18 thoughts on “The Dawn”

      1. It incredibly beautiful.
        It looks as if someone has edited them.
        They are really beautiful.
        Reminded me of my home and of the mountain which has now become my dream. (Don’t know why but it has become)

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  1. Namaste from Canada Dark Anki…BellaDharma & myself see you have started to follow our blog & we wanted to welcome you ‘purrsonally’!!
    And I want to say ‘The Dawn’ is absolutely amazing! Your writing is so clear & so vivid. And you are right about people who try to ‘demotivate’ others. I’ve done many many things without support & you know each situation turned out in its’ own way. And the people were surprised.
    If you read very early blogs you will see I was involved in Cat rescue. Many thought me crazy. I was re-reading those 2012-13 blogs & I remembered the devotion & dedication I felt. And now with a new cat (BellaDharma) who has some behavioural issues I see that she is where she needs to be…..
    I’m sure you know the meaning of dharma: Right thought; Right intent & Right action……what I promised BellaDharma when I adopted her from the Shelter she spent 2 years.
    OK I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you for your inspiring post here & for following us @ THE Purrfect Pad!
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen (LadyMew) & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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