Suck It Up!

It’s my humble request, If you do feel offended reading this blog, try to ignore it. Otherwise I don’t give a fuck about how you feel.

I went to this dog, he was looking a little irritated eating the stick of grass. I asked him, what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Does it have any benefit? And some other questions out of curiosity. Beacuse that’s what I do, I don’t have my own life to be focused on. He stopped for a moment. Staring at me for a while, he said, “I feel sorry for your life brother!” Don’t you have something else to ask, something that could help both of us, If not don’t waste my time. And it’s my life, I know what to do and how to do?” I felt offended.

Did you noticed his arrogant behaviour. I said to myself. The feeling of revenge came in my mind. I wanted to make him feel low.

“Do you know you don’t have that particular thing in you? You should have it.” I said smiling.

“Brother don’t tell me what I have or what I haven’t! I am 4 years old and you know what I did best in all this 4 years, is to know me first. I wish you should have done that. If something particular isn’t in me, it’s because I didn’t choose it to be?” He said.

“Tell me how old you are?” He asked.
“21” I replied.
“Do you know about yourself completely?” He asked. “And be honest with it.” He added.

I was quiet because I wasn’t confident about it. He laughed a little.

“What did you do in all these 21 years? And here you are judging me and telling how to do?”

“Listen brother! If I sucked at my job, I did, not you! So it’s my fucking problem and I will handle it. Who the fuck are you to judge me as like you are the master of your life.”

“I know we all judge everyone, I know you are good at reading other, but I didn’t ask your opinion about me. So keep it your mind until and unless someone pay you for it.”

I was quiet, he was right. I wanted to listen more even though his words were harsh. You do speak well, tell me something more.

He gave the arrogant look to me, “Ask in particular about what you want to listen” He said.

“Why you keep quiet all the time, you are a good speaker!” I asked.

Again he gave me that look, like I have asked a foolish question.

“You know if you open your pant in front of anyone, and expect them to pay then you are fool. Open it when they ask for it. Everyone is seller here, and everyone is selling soemthing for money. Choose the product wisely”

“Instead of listening someone else focus on what you are good at. And what do you really want! ”

“What do you think about people like me?” I asked.

This time that particular look on his become more intense.

“Wtf! Why? Tell me one reason that I should think about what they do! Keep your life simple and mind your own business.”

“Anything you want to say, or just an advice for everyone.” I asked. He smiled and said, “Don’t give fuck about anything, be who you are! And let people do what they do! Nature is everyone’s teacher he know how to teach the lesson.”

I am literally inspired from you. He interrupted me and said “Don’t get influenced easily!”

“I just wanted to click a photo of yours, can you give a different pose! You are not looking good in this one” I asked.

“If you wanted to click! click otherwise suck it up.” He replied. No fucks given.

In this above story I represents the society.

Don’t give a fuck about who you are!



4 responses to “Suck It Up!”

  1. Akshay Dhanoa Avatar

    Nice one 👌🏻


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you ♥️


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