The Watch

26 july 2018, 7 pm

I was at my brother’s hostel. He had asked me to come. We were in his room.
“The parcel, the watch, it came.” He said.
I took it, put it on my hand.
“I will buy this one for myself too.” I told myself.
Well..! One and half weeks ago, my sister had asked me to buy a watch. She wanted to give her friend, a birthday present.
“Can you help me out, buying a watch?” She asked.
“OK I will.” I was always fond of watches. And there I chose this one watch and ordered it. That time It did come to my mind: l I should buy another one. I discuss this thought with my brother, and he convinced me to wait and first check the one we ordered.
Here I was now. I felt the watch in my hand. And I wish I should have bought it. I started discussing with my brother; whether I should buy it in same or different color. And the phone rung, it was of my sister.
“Yeah, anki take the watch with you and I will take it from you later?” She said.
“Well I think it’s better that watch should remain here with brother. It’s safer here.” And I added “We will give it to you later, when you will come.”
“No! You have to take the watch with you.” She insisted.
“Yeah! you should take it with you” My brother interrupted.
“What rubbish bro?” I got irritated.
“You are in a singlet, it’s safer here” I argued.
“The owner should keep it with himself, that’s why I am telling you to keep it.” My sister replied.
“But di, it’s safe…. Wait! What did you just say?”
“No no no no please tell, I am wrong! I heard that, you meant it was mine.” I laughed.
“Yes it is!” She said.
“Oye! Don’t lie to me on this, please.” I said; I felt that they were trying to keep the watch with me.

The Watch

“It was your friend’s birthday present you told me earlier.” I said.
“Well tomorrow it’s your birthday and you are more important to me than anyone else.” She said. “I knew you like watches” she added.
And the tear rolled out of my eyes.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Earlier few moments, I was deciding to buy the same watch and now it was mine. It was completely unexpected, because my mind was doing the calculation to buy it. I turned toward my brother, “Can you believe, it’s for me!” I said with heavy tone holding the watch.
“I knew” he revealed with his lazy eyes and calmness showing that he is better in keeping secrets. “that’s why I stopped you to buy two watches before” he added.
“Fuck! He knew this all the time.” And this one was one of the best and unexpected gift, I received on my b’day.” And I learned to expect less, cause unexpected things are best.
I was trying to write this moment from last 10 days. But I couldn’t. So it is what it is. Do it when you want to. And don’t if you don’t want to. Keep life simple. Cause you are who you are! No one have the right to judge you on it. Take care of your shit and keep going.



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