Who The Hell?

A few weeks ago, I visited to my senior’s room; which was allotted to him a few days earlier. I met his new roomies. They all are of the same class. He introduced me with his roomies. And he told that this one is Ex-CR. He also told him that (pointing toward me.) He is also a CR.
“Which branch?” He asked.
“Sir, Civil” I replied.
He was CR (class representative) for first year and then situations came and the new student got assigned for CR.
Well! what I heard was, that he was unable to handle the class. For the moments I saw in his eyes, and I don’t know but I felt a guilt in his eyes: Like being a CR was being in jail. One thing came to mind. How could it feel when you lost your position? And I felt so sorry for him. And the today, because of the orders from our new director, Prof. Vinod Yadava; I am no more CR of my branch.

Just a random pic.

Well for a moment it pinched me. But I knew it was coming. So I was partially ready for it. And it’s okay. Change is good. And yeah, I am not frustrated. Because I am sure of one thing. No matter what I will do, they will connect the things and they are going to say; He is doing this because he is no more CR. It does happen. At the end of the day I felt relaxed.That I am relieved of a responsibility. But it didn’t felt good, cause there was no farewell for me. And I realized the day I was thinking: “How could it feel when you lost your position?” I was wrong about that person. I shouldn’t have felt sorry for him. Because right at the moment I am not feeling sorry for myself. I was wrong to judge that person on those allegations. And one thing came to mind.

“Who the hell I was to judge him?”

And similarly Who the hell are you? Feel sorry for yourself, I am happy with what I have.



4 responses to “Who The Hell?”

  1. padmajaramesh Avatar

    आप अपने भावनाओं को बेहतर तरीके से प्रकट किए हैं।


    1. dark anki Avatar



  2. righteousbruin9 Avatar

    You will show that it is the professor’s loss, in the long run.


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Maybe it is ♥️.

      Liked by 1 person

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